"The Aquarius shown in the photos is not only the Prototype for the Aquarius model, it is the prototype for the use of carbon fiber for the reinforcement beams. It was made many years ago and is still one of my favorites...it is also still in perfect condition. The future Aquarius model guitars will have some changes ( improvements if you will ) that have come about since my association with Jamie Glaser. The specs shown are for THIS Aquarius but, unless requested otherwise, I will use the 25" scale length and 24 frets and about a 10% larger body on future versions of the Aquarius, for a "fuller tone". The appearance of the guitar will remain exactly the same on the front and the only visible changes on the back are that I will use one piece of wood for the neck and the main body will be two pieces. The back of THIS Aquarius looks as if it has a typical "through neck"...there is nothing "typical" about the Gander neck. I'll have to invent a new name for my neck to body joint...email me your suggestions!"

Ray Gander/Gander Guitars

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