"All violins are carved from wood, sealed with varnish and play
the same notes. So why does a centuries old Stradavarius
sound better than all other violins?
Because of the expertise and determination of its maker."
Hi! My name is Ray Gander and I would like to
welcome you to Gander Guitars. I've been sculpting some of
the most uniquely designed and beautifully exotic solid body electric
guitars in the world.
Intonation, sustain, tone, feel of the neck, string action, stainless
steel frets, balance, comfort and overall quality are
second to none.
My exclusive clients insist on no compromise between beauty,
design or innovation... and I insist on giving them
no less than the best in a totally custom instrument.

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"THIS particular Aries model was made for myself. I started it to keep busy after a relatively unexpected break up of my marriage about 10 years ago. Up 'til then I had made several guitars for myself and my sons etc. and had come up with a few unique ways to build a guitar but I had never put all the ideas together to try and create "the best guitar that I could"...it's still one of my favourites. By the way , it's a twelve string because I like twelve string guitars, there are more notes happening at any given time to help drown out my mediocre singing. It can be made as a six string just as any of my other styles can be made as twelve strings...or practically anything in-between. 

 I made most of the body and neck from a piece of bird's eye maple that I picked up in P.E.I. on a trip in 1976...let's just say it was well aged. The hardware mostly came from Stewart MacDonald , a guitar parts supplier in Ohio. The bridge is a fully adjustable Gotoh 12 string hardtail,  the pick-ups were also from "Stewmac"... they may not be as well known as the Seymour Duncans that I like to use now , but they are a great set of Lawrence pick-ups that I don't even know the model of anymore. They have great warmth and good power. The tuners are Grover minis, one of the makes I still like to use. The front panel of the body is Purpleheart and the maple neck is inset with ebony and purple heart. The overwhelming response to this guitar, from friends and relatives, is what made me decide to pursue a career at what used to be a pastime.  

Speaking of response to this guitar, if you look closely at the back of the guitar, you might be able to make out Randy Bachman's signature. I went to a Chapter's Book Store signing of Randy's "Takin Care of Business" biography. I stood in line, book in one hand guitar case in the other, for about twenty minutes...feeling a bit self-conscious but determined to have Randy sign both If he would. The "Guess Who" and Randy Bachman's guitar playing are what I grew up on. As I got to the front of the line, I took the guitar out of it's case and suddenly the book signing turned into a "Gander Guitars show and tell". The sales staff at Chapters, the other people in line, and Randy Bachman all stopped what they were doing and started asking about the guitar.

Randy Bachman Signature

Randy's wife put down the book she had been reading in the background and came over for a better look as did John Einerson, co-author of the biography... kind of overwhelming. Randy held the guitar and made several nice remarks about it's looks and "feel". I told Randy I would like him to autograph the guitar and his first response was "you want me to WRITE on this"?!? I assured him that I did and he not only signed it but posed with me while he held the guitar and a friend took some photos. You will have to take my word on the photos because when they were developed they were almost solid black...I'm not sure if they will ever find my friend's body."

Ray Gander/Gander Guitars



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