“A guitar is an ancient instrument that has remained relatively unchanged for centuries. The music is normally heard when the instrument is played, however, the “Gandervarius” sings its song using sound, sight and meaning.

Affectionately nicknamed the “Gandervarius”, the classical design elements represented in the peg head and contoured lines of the body, pays tribute to timeless instruments like the violin and cello. The repeated treble clef element on this exquisite instrument echoes the music that marks the chapters of all our lives. The ties of ebony and maple surrounding the circular element on the back of the neck, emphasizes that music is really the tie that binds us all together, while the red bloodwood and the gradient white alder of the body reflect the elements of our national flag.  

The Maple Leaf at the 12th fret represents the heart of our Country, both geographically as represented by Selkirk Manitoba (the home of its creator) and ideologically as represented by the heart of a true Canadian Master Luthier (Ray Gander), who literally put his blood, sweat, heart and soul into its creation. In a world of competing political ideologies and conflict, the love of music is seemingly the only common joy the world shares. This guitar is a metaphor for that concept. The “Gandervarius” is an homage to the past, present and a hope for the future.

Robert McLaughin Art Museum

Gander Guitars being considered for display in the prestigious Robert McLauglin Gallery.

When The Robert McLaughlin Gallery was founded in 1967 the mandate stressed collection, preservation, and conservation of fine art, particularly Canadian, as well as exhibition of collection and interpretation through educational programming.

Walking the fine line between instrument and art, the exquisite sculpted lines of Gander Guitars are being recognized by not only guitar afficianados, but the Art Community at large! Below is part of the Exhibition proposal put forth to this gallery.

Face of Robert McLaughlin Museum

The “Gandervarius” does not however, pander to nostalgia and sentimentality, but calls to the country to use rapidly changing technologies to improve our lives, while maintaining the true heart of the values we all share, like integrity, honesty and love of family. Unlike most guitars produced today that rely on a truss rod to adjust for imperfections in their design, the carbon fiber spine of this revolutionary instrument is impervious to the fluctuations of temperature and humidity; therefore, resists change (warping and twisting). This resistance to change allows the “Gandervarius” to produce music that has longer sustain and clarity than all other guitars. The resistance to change, in an element that in itself is change, may seem at first blush an interesting dichotomy; however, it is more indicative of the willingness of Canadians to rapidly embrace technology while resisting change to the core values of its society.




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