"It’s the best guitar I have ever seen, heard, or played..."

Jamie Glaser

The flagship creation of the Gander Guitar Signature Series, the Jamie Glaser Signature Model combines sleek classic lines with the treble clef theme. Brilliant in design, the accoustic qualities of this beautiful instrument are second to none. Master Luthier Ray Gander produces some of the most uniquely designed and most beautiful exotic wood custom guitars in the world. What you can’t see, is the heart of every Gander Guitar... the patented construction features, including a LARGE DIMENSION INTERNAL CARBON FIBER REINFORCEMENT BEAM, and the never before seen springless Gander Tremolo. This sets them apart from all the cookie cutter guitars and places them among the best guitars in the world. Intonation, sustain, tone, feel of the neck, string action, stainless steel frets, balance, comfort and overall quality are second to none.

Because of the strength and durability of the carbon fiber beam, there is no need for any type of truss rod which is really a way to make a less than perfect neck perform well. The Gander neck with internal carbon fiber beam is, in effect, the perfect neck providing the warm feel and tone of wood with the strength of space age carbon fiber.

The Custom Libra is the "dream" Libra on steroids, with accents of ebony and maple throughout the neck and body, specialized hardware, stainless stell frets finished to perfection and a trade secret ten layer paint finish technique. Want mahogany instead of Alder? Want a specialized combination of pickups, peg machines, bridges, controls? Your only limit is your imagination. Each guitar is personaly signed by Master Luthier Ray Gander, who will send you photos of each and every step of your exclusively hand sculpted masterpiece! Click here to see a 360 degree view of a Custom Libra (affectionately named the "Gandervarius")!




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