History of the Solid Body Guitar

"Do you remember this show? It was the big thing on radio and tv 1935 to 1955.

That was the same era when the electric solid body guitar was born. A lot of tv shows have come and gone… but the electric guitar has remained relatively unchanged since then.  Time for a little history lesson.

The development of the electric solid body guitar began in 1931, Adolph Rickenbacker, George Beauchamp and Paul Barth  produced the first electric guitar known as the Frying Pan due to it’s obvious resemblance to it’s name sake.

In 1941, Les Paul built the historic “Log” Guitar combining a solid four by four fence post with  bridge, guitar, and neck pickups in the body of an hollow body guitar.
In 1947, Paul Bigsby designed the Bigsby Tremolo arm, which he used on a solid body guitar that he and Merle Travis built.
In 1948, Leo Fender, invents the first solid-body electric guitar to be mass-produced: the Fender Broadcaster.
In 1952, Les Paul launched his solid-body electric… the Les Paul guitar that was built and marketed by Gibson.
In 1954, Fender introduced the Stratocaster, a flashier instrument featuring a contoured, double-cutaway body, three (as opposed to two) single-coil pickups and a revolutionary string-bending (tremolo) unit.
And since then….???????


Sure guitar pickups have improved… and the solid body has changed cosmetically…. But no other significant change in design has occurred….That is until now.

Ray Gander…. Part Artisitic Designer…. Part Master Luthier… and Part fed up with conventional thinking… went back to the original design to rethink the concept of what made a really great guitar.
In the original early designs of the 1950's, truss rods were used to make a less than perfect neck perform well and complex springed tremolo units were subject to constant retuning and setup. …. His redesign introduced the carbon fibre reinforcement beam through the neck which altogether eliminates the need for a truss road and the totally unique patented Gander Springless Tremolo.... which eliminates the need for springs and a hole in the body of the instrument.

Welcome to the Gander revolution...next generation of solid body electric guitars!"

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