Selkirk Manitoba - Home of Gander Guitars

Besides being the Home of Gander Guitars, "Selkirk is known locally as the "catfish capital of North America". Settled on the banks of the Red River, Selkirk served for many years as the last harbor on the Red River system before Lake Winnipeg.

Early settlers arrived by York boat in the late 1800's from Eastern Canada and from far off Europe. They brought with them a rich cultural heritage that can be seen today in local festivals like the Manitoba Highland Gathering and Games.

As a dominant feature of the local

landscape, The Red River divides the City of Selkirk into east and west. The Red River provides a multiplicity of recreation and sporting activities. Fertile fields of grain and oilseeds surround the city on all sides. Only a few kilometers to the north lies Lake Winnipeg, one of the largest fresh water bodies in North America and the world. The cottage communities that line the southern shores of the lake provide a summer get away to thousands of Manitobans.

Red River

The park is located on the river bank and provides easy access to the Red River for boaters and fisherman. Selkirk Park is also home to the Triple S Fair and Rodeo, attracting competitors and guests from across Canada."
Information courtesy of the Official Website of the City of Selkirk

Ray Gander is proud to make Selkirk Manitoba, the headquarters for the most innovative solid body guitars on the market today... Gander Guitars!

Major Attractions

When in Selkirk, many people try their luck at landing the "big one", a Red River Catfish. The Red River around Selkirk is known for producing some catfish weighing more than fifty pounds. The catfish has become a local mascot, as is evident by the statue of chuck The Catfish greeting visitors at the south end of Main St.

Selkirk Park offers many outdoor recreational activities such as camping, team sports facilities, a swimming pool and public beach area in the summer, and cross country ski trails in the winter.

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