"All violins are carved from wood, sealed with varnish and play
the same notes. So why does a centuries old Stradavarius
sound better than all other violins?
Because of the expertise and determination of its maker."
Hi! My name is Ray Gander and I would like to
welcome you to Gander Guitars. I've been sculpting some of
the most uniquely designed and beautifully exotic solid body electric
guitars in the world.
Intonation, sustain, tone, feel of the neck, string action, stainless
steel frets, balance, comfort and overall quality are
second to none.
My exclusive clients insist on no compromise between beauty,
design or innovation... and I insist on giving them
no less than the best in a totally custom instrument.

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This guitar is representative of what I am currently building. The taurus has most of the "ingredients" found in my guitars since being associated with Jamie Glaser but, unlike the Libra built for Jamie, the main body wood is Flamed Maple not Alder. Used on it`s own as a body wood, Maple produces a bright precise tone with tight lows. Even though the Bloodwood front panel is a hard wood, it`s tonal characteristics are similar to those of mahogany, helping to provide smooth appealing lows. The combination produces great sustain and tone and coupled with some great hardware including Seymour Duncan Dimebucker pick-ups creates  a guitar capable of being appreciated whether your playing some soft jazz, hard rock, or heavy metal.

I recently was invited by a friend to attend a "jam session" he was putting together, and I took along the Taurus. When I got there, I couldn`t find the right house so I decided to park the car and look for the number. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew I was close because I could hear the guitar playing, which turned out to be coming from the basement of a house about three houses down the block. The volume was definitely not set on "subtle". My limited abilities as a player soon let me know I was out of my league...there were some truly talented musicians there. I spent most of the evening listening to the other players "try out" my guitar...which I think was my friend`s plan all along. The players took turns, reluctantly giving up the guitar to the next player, for about three hours. At one point, I went upstairs to give my ears a rest from the volume and sat around the kitchen table with a few others while the jam session continued. The comments were all positive and from time to time someone would say "listen, someone is playing your guitar again...it sounds so much better than the rest". Needless to say, it was a great evening... even if I didn`t get to do much playing. 

Ray Gander/ Gander Guitars

Made of cocobola -wood, the fretboard is inlaid with Abalone and bloodwood.

The back of the neck is uniquely shaped to ensure comfort and playabilty.

Hardware includes Grover mini tuners, a Schaller roller bridge, and Seymour Duncan pick-ups along with the patented Gander Springless tremolo.


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