Master Luthier Ray Gander produces some of the most uniquely designed and most beautiful exotic wood custom guitars in the world, featuring the exclusive patented Gander Tremolo System!

As shown in this animation, by placing a pad of a very special compound of compressible rubber under the lever of this tremolo unit, all the springs and related hardware of a typical tremolo unit can be eliminated. Of course you eliminate, at the same time, the need for the related cavity in the guitar body and the usual plastic cover on the back to hide the cavity.

This tremolo is completely surface mounted with four stainless steel wood screws.

The basics of the Gander tremolo are similar to others. With most systems the strings go over some type of axle which rotates, when the tremolo arm is pushed down or pulled up, to loosen or tighten the strings. In the Gander Tremolo System, the strings do not in fact go "over" the axle. In the area where the strings wrap around the axle, the axle is ground to a cam shape similar to that of the cams on a compound hunting bow. At "rest" there is almost no pressure trying to rotate the axle because the strings theoretically pass "through the middle of the axle. Because of this unique design, it is very easy for the rubber pad to hold the correct position and keep the strings in tune and, when the trem arm is pushed down, it is very easy for the rubber pad to return to "rest" and perfect tune.

Similarly, when the trem arm is pulled up the pressure is very slight and increases as the arm is pulled so it is easy for the strings to naturally return to
rest" and perfect tune.

The axle in the Gander Tremolo is 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel and rotates on almost friction-free high speed needle bearings so easy of operation and durability are built into every unit.




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